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Slides, Videos, and Downloads from my Tech Ed Atlanta 2011 and Recent User Group Talks

Pete Brown - 23 May 2011

I had the pleasure of speaking at Tech Ed Atlanta last week. While there, I also spoke at the Atlanta Silverlight User Group. The week prior, I also got to speak at the Hampton Roads .NET User Group in Virginia Beach, VA. I had a great time at of them, and met some great developers interested in Silverlight and WPF.

Here are the materials from those events

DEV331 (and DEV331-R) A Lap around Microsoft Silverlight 5 Beta (also from HRNUG and Atlanta Silverlight UG)

Come see what's new and exciting with the Silverlight 5 beta. Learn about features for business application development, visualization and casual gaming. In this demo- and code-focused developer session, we hit the major new features in Silverlight 5, and get you well on your way to being productive with the latest release of Silverlight.



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DEV321 Advanced Microsoft Expression Blend for Developers: Integrating MVVM and Designability

Want to learn how to build great UX and still use development patterns such as Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)? This session shows how to take advantage of design time data, visual states, and animations in Blend while using common patterns such as Service Providers, Single Responsibility, commanding, user interactions, and messaging when developing using the MVVM pattern to build Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Phone applications. This session highlights the advantages of MVVM and shows where using MVVM enables a great workflow giving you the most freedom and best chance of delivering a great UX.



DEV337 Moving your App and Skills from Windows Forms to Microsoft Silverlight (and WPF)

Let's tackle moving a Windows Forms application to Silverlight. We cover the differences between the platforms and overall approaches, look at what is successful, and then run through an application migration using a data-oriented Windows Forms application. At the end of this session, you'll have seen a Windows Forms app moved to Silverlight, have seen the decision points for choosing between Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and will understand what you need to do to get started porting your Windows Forms knowledge and applications to XAML-based platforms.



What you can do with these

I hope you learn something valuable from each of these talks. You are also free to use my slide decks and demos in your own presentations at local, corporate and regional events (if you are going to submit to a national event or speak in the mid-atlantic area using these, let me know to make sure I'm not trying for the same thing). Of course, you'll want to mix them up a bit and add your own flavor to them, but I hope these help get you started. The videos are not my property, so check with Channel 9 if you intend to use them for something.

That said, what you use, you use at your own risk. I don't make any guarantees as to fitness of the demos, decks, or other information as you may present to others.

posted by Pete Brown on Monday, May 23, 2011
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3 comments for “Slides, Videos, and Downloads from my Tech Ed Atlanta 2011 and Recent User Group Talks”

  1. Svein Thomassays:
    Hi Pete,

    I saw your sessions at teched, the one "Moving from WinForms -> Silverlight".
    I'm trying to follow your demo and try to see if i can make it work. In that case, I have one question for you and the question is: The ViewModels inherits from a class called "Observable" which i cannot find in my Silverlight 4. Is this a new feature in SL5 or in which namespace can i find this class/object?

    BTW: Great session ;)

    Thanks in advance Pete ;)

    /Svein Thomas

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