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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • The little things that matter: Top desktop-friendly improvements in Windows 8.1

    Like many of you, I spend the majority of my day on a desktop PC. My PC happens to have two 30" displays, neither of which is touch, and a Logitech Touch Pad that has some basic gesture recognition. It's a giant water-cooled, overclocked beast that I built in 2010 (and upgraded video since then) and which still beats many new PCs sold today. This particular PC has been upgraded from Wind...

  • My site migration to Windows Azure Web Sites

    In this post, I'll cover the migration of this web site from a long history of local hosting to Widows Azure Web Sites. I've had my own personal domains (GroupLynx.com followed by irritatedvowel.com followed by 10rem.net) since the mid 90s. Early on, I used regular hosts. I've run my personal website out of a succession of servers in my basement for at least a decade. It used to b...