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Pete Brown writes on a variety of topics from XAML with the Windows Runtime (WinRT), .NET programming using C#, WPF, Microcontroller programming with .NET Microframework, .NET Gadgeteer, Windows on Devices, and even plain old C, to raising two children in the suburbs of Maryland, woodworking, CNC and generally "making physical stuff". Oh, and Pete loves retro technology, especially Commodore (C64 and C128). If the content interests you, please subscribe using the subscription link to the right of every page.

Archive for tag: Twitter

  • 10 Tips to Keep yourself Sane while Working from Home (or alone)

    When I interviewed for the position on Scott Hanselman's team, one of the questions Scott asked me was if I'd be able to handle working from home, with the isolation that usually entails. Telecommuting (I hate that word) isn't for everyone, so the question was actually very important. Prior to joining Microsoft in October, I actually worked from home a fair bit. I'd still get out to c...

  • How I use Twitter in my Job at Microsoft

    As a Windows Client (WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Native, XNA, Surface) community guy on Scott Hanselman's team at Microsoft, I am constantly on Twitter. I've found twitter to be pretty indispensible for keeping up with the community, and for keeping myself sane while working from home. First, a little on my working setup I have three displays and two computers that I use daily....

  • jQuery to the Rescue: Changing style and target for all external links on my site

    The editor (or some other code) in umbraco does a few things I strongly dislike. One of them is removing the target="_blank" from url's I add. I like all external urls to open in a new window so the visitor doesn't forget about my site. I'd add it back into the html and the editor would strip it back out again. Annoying. I've never written a line of jQuery before, but tonight, with so...

  • Web 2.0 Tenet : Never Follow Good Development Practices

    One one of many pre-sales visits to different clients over the years, I found myself at a local dotcom in DC. It was filled with early-20’s VPs and fresh out of college developers who had a head a little too big for their skills. I love passion, but non-academic experience counts too, especially when you’re leading the work. I asked them how they did development. The first response I got was “...

  • Other Places I Hang Out Online

    There are a number of other places I hang out where we can have two-way conversations rather than just a publish-subscribe relationship. Follow me on Twitter. Twitter is a fun place to hang out and get the news before folks have time to blog about it. FriendFeed is similar, but I’m only on that rarely – my tweets get automatically posted there. By far, this is the most active group ...