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Other Places I Hang Out Online

Pete Brown - 25 August 2008

There are a number of other places I hang out where we can have two-way conversations rather than just a publish-subscribe relationship.


Follow me on Twitter. Twitter is a fun place to hang out and get the news before folks have time to blog about it. FriendFeed is similar, but I’m only on that rarely – my tweets get automatically posted there. By far, this is the most active group among the technical folks I know, full of MVPs, Microsoft field, and technologists representing other platforms. For many, this is their second home online.

There are a number of decent clients you can use to make it easier to follow the conversations. Witty is a simple WPF client, and is easy to understand and use.


Friend me on Facebook Just drop a note saying you’re a subscriber to my blog, or you saw me speak at X or whatever – just something so I know you’re not a spammer or collector :) Facebook isn’t just for kids anymore (it hasn’t been for quite some time), you’ll be surprised as to how many professionals you’ll recognize on there.

The Silverlight application I’ve been working on this summer will soon be up and running on Facebook as well; a great way to mix interesting technologies.


Join us on Silverlight.net. I haven’t been active there lately due to my workload, but I’ll be back there again in force soon. I’m also a moderator on the forums there. Silverlight.net is a great place to learn about Silverlight, expand your skills, and solve the hard problems.


Linked-In. This is, for the most part, an on-line resume. Linked-in has fallen behind in the community/social aspect, but is trying hard to get back up there. Many folks who aren’t on Facebook are here, so it’s good to keep both.

posted by Pete Brown on Monday, August 25, 2008
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