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Pete Brown writes on a variety of topics from XAML with the Windows Runtime (WinRT), .NET programming using C#, WPF, Microcontroller programming with .NET Microframework, .NET Gadgeteer, Windows on Devices, and even plain old C, to raising two children in the suburbs of Maryland, woodworking, CNC and generally "making physical stuff". Oh, and Pete loves retro technology, especially Commodore (C64 and C128). If the content interests you, please subscribe using the subscription link to the right of every page.

Archive for tag: Toys

  • Alien Autopsy: Dissecting a Fijit Friends Sage

    I have a Fijit friend. There, I said it. I have a toy targeted to 9 year old girls. I have a toy my kids want. I have a toy I'm about to butcher in the name of …er … science. There. Doesn't she look so innocent and happy? You know, I bought this before they were a "hot toy" for Christmas 2011. If that makes me a hipster, pass the glasses. (And no, I didn't pay the outrageous p...

  • Three Great Books for Lego Robotics and general Lego Motion Builders

    I like Lego. I got my first set back around age 5 (I still have some of those well-chewed bricks), and have built off-and-on ever since. Of course, I've tried to get both of my kids into building as well. Together, they inherited two giant Rubbermaid storage totes full of Lego. I give them chunks of it from time to time. I've also bought sets for both of them. Ben is signed up for the L...

  • Great Toy Rocket

    When I was little, I had something similar to the 3' Saturn V sold by Toys R Us here, a space shuttle (based on the prototype), and a bunch of rocket posters, maps and solar system posters, on my walls along with the usual Star Wars stuff. For Christmas this year, Santa brought our son this great iPlay Rocket Ship. I would have killed for this when I was little. It's just too much ...