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Great Toy Rocket

Pete Brown - 29 December 2007

When I was little, I had something similar to the 3' Saturn V sold by Toys R Us here, a space shuttle (based on the prototype), and a bunch of rocket posters, maps and solar system posters, on my walls along with the usual Star Wars stuff.

For Christmas this year, Santa brought our son this great iPlay Rocket Ship. I would have killed for this when I was little. It's just too much fun. The red rocket pictured below stands about 18" tall.

Of course, Pop helped Santa out a bit with this one by picking it out at Be-Beep. Ben will be two in February. If you have a child this age, I can't recommend this toy enough. It's loads of fun, well-made, and not character-branded. While it is a little on the heavy side, the handle on the side helps when flying it around the room.

posted by Pete Brown on Saturday, December 29, 2007
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2 comments for “Great Toy Rocket”

  1. Kids Toyssays:
    <p>Nice! Such a versatile toy. There aren't enough imaginative toys available nowadays, so many are 'cause and effect' style toys that get old very quickly. And I'm sure Ben will have plenty of guidance on exactly how to play with it ;-)</p>

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