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Pete Brown writes on a variety of topics from XAML with the Windows Runtime (WinRT), .NET programming using C#, WPF, Microcontroller programming with .NET Microframework, .NET Gadgeteer, Windows on Devices, and even plain old C, to raising two children in the suburbs of Maryland, woodworking, CNC and generally "making physical stuff". Oh, and Pete loves retro technology, especially Commodore (C64 and C128). If the content interests you, please subscribe using the subscription link to the right of every page.

Archive for tag: Scanner

  • Scanning an Image from Silverlight 4 using WIA Automation

    Silverlight 4 Out-of-Browser apps now have the ability to be elevated trust applications, if you request it and your users consent. One of the more powerful features of trusted applications is the ability to use IDispatch COM servers on the local machine. Basically, if you can access the COM object from script, you can access it from Silverlight. That includes everything from Word and E...

  • Rotating and cropping an image in WPF

    In a sample application I'm working on, Shoebox Scan, I need to be able to work with a rotated crop and save the resulting image off to a file. The image is much larger than what is shown on-screen. For example, this rotated selection from a much larger image: Should result in an image that looks something like this:   The Problem There are a couple operati...

  • A WPF Behavior for Window Resize Events in .NET 3.5

    I got stuck on one bit of functionality in the ShoeBoxScan project Scott assigned me just before the holidays. I needed to keep the size of the selection adorners in sync with the size of the overall window when resized: (the screenshots are a WIP development build) Now, if I had just used a ViewBox, everything would have resized on the adorner layer, and I only wanted the bounds changed,...

  • Scanning images in WPF via WIA

    Over the holidays, Scott assigned to me a project to wrap up some of the WPF-ness in the shoebox scanner he had built. He had the scanning in place, but not some of the cropping/resizing against the original image, and the UI was a dev UI. The scanning part is pretty interesting, so I thought I'd share that with you. The app Scott and I have put together is a WPF 3.5 application, b...