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Pete Brown writes on a variety of topics from XAML with the Windows Runtime (WinRT), .NET programming using C#, WPF, Microcontroller programming with .NET Microframework, .NET Gadgeteer, Windows on Devices, and even plain old C, to raising two children in the suburbs of Maryland, woodworking, CNC and generally "making physical stuff". Oh, and Pete loves retro technology, especially Commodore (C64 and C128). If the content interests you, please subscribe using the subscription link to the right of every page.

Archive for tag: AIS

  • Applications and Other Things I’ve Written Professionally over the Years

    Prior to joining Microsoft, I worked at a consulting company for a bit over 13 years. Prior to that, I started the IT department at a medical billing company and worked there for 4 years while completing my Computer Science degree. Seeing Scott’s post on past work he did years ago at SparkFun and 800.com got me to thinking about some of the interesting projects I’ve been on. I’ve been a develo...

  • What I Look for in an Interview Candidate

    I’ve interviewed a large number of people over the past 12+ years at Applied Information Sciences. I’m generally not interested in people who just want a job. I want people who love technology and programming (or some part of software development). I want passion and I want self-direction. While that passion is preferably in something related to what we do (either directly like, say, Silverlig...

  • Silverlight Visualization Application: NFL Free Agency Movement

    My colleague at AIS, Tad VanFleet, just created a cool Silverlight 2 application for tracking NFL Free Agent movement.Tad is on our BI/Data Visualization team, and has shown a strong interest in, and skill with, Silverlight 2. One of the earliest demos he showed me was a cool geomapped data visualization for one of our clients. Since Silverlight builds on existing skillsets in .NET and C#, it i...

  • Mid-Atlantic Influential Architects

    I'm honored and pleased that three of us from Applied Information Sciences (Vishwas Lele, Frank La Vigne and me) have been chosen by Dr Z from Microsoft to be members of the inaugural group of Mid-Atlantic Influential Architects.There are a lot of impressive minds in that group, many of which I've run into before or have worked with directly - proving once again that despite its populat...

  • Things I like about AIS

    At AIS (Applied Information Sciences), I am a Project/Engagement Manager, Architect, and self-proclaimed Client Platforms Evangelist (Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight etc.). The last bit evolved because my background is in UX/human factors, and I'm always the guy talking to clients about how they should be looking at rich client apps, not html apps, for man...