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Silverlight Visualization Application: NFL Free Agency Movement

Pete Brown - 14 May 2008

My colleague at AIS, Tad VanFleet, just created a cool Silverlight 2 application for tracking NFL Free Agent movement.


Tad is on our BI/Data Visualization team, and has shown a strong interest in, and skill with, Silverlight 2. One of the earliest demos he showed me was a cool geomapped data visualization for one of our clients. Since Silverlight builds on existing skillsets in .NET and C#, it is very approachable to anyone with a .NET background, even if they have never used WPF or any other RIA platform.

You can find Tad's blog post on the NFL Free Agency Movement application here.

posted by Pete Brown on Wednesday, May 14, 2008
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7 comments for “Silverlight Visualization Application: NFL Free Agency Movement”

  1. Mikojsays:
    Hi, i have some error in this project when i have decimal representation set on "." work fine when i have decimal representation set on "," not work :).

    easy test in .NET

    String test1 = "0.123456";
    String test2 = "0,123456";

  2. Chiharusays:
    Ryan, you're not the only one that's interestedI'm haivng to endure working with stupid DynamicsCRM the UI is so clunky (I could say worse). I'm haivng two problems: finding good integration hooks to get in there without too much pain and without future updates breaking the (unorthorised) mods getting the boss to realise that the standard UI is inadequate, and that about a third of the app can really be done better and getting buy in ( Hrmph! it don't look broke to me. It don't need no fixin'! )either way, it's lipstick on a pig,,,lets hope Mossy Barnes doesn't see this thread he might get ideas
  3. Deutschersays:
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