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  • Living room window bench and bookcase update: cabinet doors!

    In every project, there comes a part you just dread doing. It's always the part you put off until the very end. When programming, maybe it's that exception logging, or security interface. With most house projects, it's painting. With carpentry/cabinetry, well, I hate building cabinet doors. There. I said it. I love woodworking, but BOY do I hate doors. I know the appropriate tricks...

  • MFOS Synth 5: Trimmers and some capacitors in place

    The next step was to solder yet more components to the board. I soldered the trimmer potentiometers as well as a number of the capacitors. Over the next several months I'll be building what is definitely my most complex electronics project to date: the MFOS (Music From Outer Space) Sound Lab Ultimate, Ultimate Expander and (if Santa brings one) Sound Lab Mini-Synth Mark II, lik...