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  • My List of Must-See Build 2011 Videos

    Windows 8 and Metro are new to most developers. Luckily, the //build/ event has a TON of great sessions explaining how to get productive with the new development stack. Here's my personal list of Build 2011 videos that XAML developers (Silverlight, WPF, Phone) should see, roughly in order starting with key Windows 8 sessions. The video player supports trick play (on IE9, right-click a...

  • Deleting a Printer and its Driver

    Much like the fax machine, the printer is a relic of the 80s that just refuses to die. I'm ok with bringing back 80s fashion, even acid washed jean jackets, but please make printers and faxes go away. Few things waste more IT time than printer drivers. So, a few months back, I was messing around with my HP LaserJet 1320 printer and tried to install a legit HP PostScript driver for ...