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  • Back up your Site/Blog by Crawling it with HTTrack

    If you’re on twitter or otherwise follow Codinghorror, you know he suffered a complete loss of his blog. My site and blog both have nightly database backups, but I’ve never tried to restore them, so they’re untested and therefore only slightly better than useless. I also get concerned sometimes that those backups are of a really old blogging engine’s data, an engine I’d never use again if I we...

  • Windows Client Developer Roundup for 12/14/2009

    Here’s another link roundup for Windows Client developers. I often tweet a number of these as I find them, so if you want the links in real-time, follow me on twitter. WPF General Another screensaver with WPF (CodeProject) How can I filter data virtualized items in WPF? (Bea Stollnitz) Snoop, now with 2x the bits! (Snoop 64 it support) (Cory Plotts) How to create a Reverse Prog...

  • A K_M Solution (Sharing Keyboard and Mouse between Multiple PCs using Software)

    I have a KVM in my rack in the utility room. It’s great for those times when I have to be at the console of one of my servers. I wanted something similar for my workstation setup. This weekend, I finally got around to cleaning up my home office, and setting up the Dell PC that was sent to me from Microsoft per Scott Hanselman’s request. The importance of an “always connected to Microsoft” PC (...