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Silverlight 3 Links from the Reston DevDinner

Pete Brown - 30 April 2009

Thanks again to Marc Schweigert for hosting last night’s DevDinner in Reston.

My blog is at www.irritatedVowel.com/Blog and you can follow me on twitter, or message me on twitter via @pete_brown.

Below are demos I used and links I mentioned or wanted to mention. Tons of good Silverlight links and information below, even for folks who didn’t attend the DevDinner.



The “Hello World” demo with a web services was done on the fly. You can find similar examples at Silverlight.net

For information on Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), mentioned up front when I discussed best practices for real apps (not just demos) here are some links:





Developer Productivity


The Microsoft IVC demo is not yet online, but will be soon. In the mean time, here are examples of charting, including some screenshots of the demo:

Out of Browser


I did the Out of Browser demo from scratch. However, the C64 emulator linked to in the Media section supports out of browser.






Other Useful links

Slide Deck

The slide deck is available here. I typically won’t present a canned deck (I only modifed a couple slides and the demos in this one), but this deck is just too good to pass up. It was professionally designed with real designers, not just devs or marketing folks, and it shows. If you want something that goes through all the major new features in Silverlight 3, this is the one.


Thanks again to everyone who attended!


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