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  • Flash / ActionScript Guitar Synthesizer and Andre’s Amazing Lab

    I’ve been playing around with sound synthesis lately and have come up with results that sound halfway decent (as an analog/subtractive soft-synth), but this example just completely schools me. Amazing sound. Keep in mind you could implement this in anything with a sound API, as it’s the algorithm and his realization/implementation of that that are important. Andre Michelle’s Guitar Synthesizer...

  • Are you going to MIX09?

    MIX09 looks to be as exciting as ever. I’ve been going to MIX since the first event, and love the people, the sessions and the venue. The lineup of sessions this year gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect at Microsoft’s premier web technology and UX conference.The PDC and MIX are my two favorite conferences; and they are completely different. If you are even remotely into w...