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Flash / ActionScript Guitar Synthesizer and Andre’s Amazing Lab

Pete Brown - 04 March 2009

I’ve been playing around with sound synthesis lately and have come up with results that sound halfway decent (as an analog/subtractive soft-synth), but this example just completely schools me. Amazing sound. Keep in mind you could implement this in anything with a sound API, as it’s the algorithm and his realization/implementation of that that are important.

Andre Michelle’s Guitar Synthesizer


If you play with the string tension, the results are very realistic. All the way to the right sounds like when you play the strings between the nut and tuning machines.

Here’s information on the algorithm he’s using: Karplus-Strong string synthesis

Oh, and check out his C64-esque synthesizer here:


Sounds even better than the real thing, as this one is in stereo and has a bit fatter sound :)

And of course, the tonewheels are very cool and include source. Reminds me of the MIX09 10k challenge entry Raindrops Orchestra.


There’s also a TR909 emulator, bitmap particle demo, a couple games, and tons more, some with source. Check it out here. My only wish here is that he’d share more source especially for stuff I might want to try my hand at porting to another RIA platform. :)

posted by Pete Brown on Wednesday, March 4, 2009
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