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Are you going to MIX09?

Pete Brown - 04 March 2009

MIX09 looks to be as exciting as ever. I’ve been going to MIX since the first event, and love the people, the sessions and the venue. The lineup of sessions this year gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect at Microsoft’s premier web technology and UX conference.

The PDC and MIX are my two favorite conferences; and they are completely different. If you are even remotely into web design, development or RIA work, you’ll definitely dig MIX.

MIX is where Silverlight (then WPF/E) was first announced and where I got bitten by the bug. It’s where we saw the first public beta of Silverlight 2 . It is at MIX that I saw the first early glimpse of what SharePoint 2007 was going to allow on the design front (to the tune of “Know your chicken” by Cibo Matto (the version of which is impossible to find online) <g>).

If you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late, and the Venetian hotel (presumably due to the economy) has dropped its rates to lower than ever. Hope to see you there!


posted by Pete Brown on Wednesday, March 4, 2009
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4 comments for “Are you going to MIX09?”

  1. Ian Blackburnsays:
    It's very tempting. Judging by the amount of Silverlight sessions listed I think there will be some interesting Silverlight annoucements for SL3.

    By the way - it's still cheaper to book the hotel direct on expedia.co.uk with a flight (from the uk at least)
  2. zoe maddoxsays:
    I am not going to MIX09 and here's why: I reviewed the speaker list and found the number of women speaking at this conference almost non-existent. Get a clue Microsoft.
  3. Pete Brownsays:

    Speakers need to submit many good abstracts to get picked. My friend Rachel Appel is going to speak at MIX. She also submitted a ton of good abstracts.

    FWIW, I submitted one abstract and it was declined.

    It's all in who has the good topics, regardless of gender.


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