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  • Enumerating MIDI Interfaces using Silverlight 5 PInvoke

    MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) has been around since the 80s. Initially, it was just a replacement for the CV (Control Voltage) approach to getting different keyboards and sound modules to play together. Later, it evolved as a way to sequence entire productions, and to receive and transmit patch information. Here's a setup I had one summer, using my HS-60 (a Juno 106) to co...

  • My First Two Months with the SodaStream Genesis Home Seltzer Maker

    I drink a lot of seltzer water (club soda, sparkling water or, as my daughter calls it "fizzy water") - plain water filled with sparkling spheres of burp-o-licious carbon dioxide. I fill a paper shopping bag with empty cans a few times a week. As you can imagine, the cost of purchasing all that seltzer, plus lugging all the cans into the house, not to mention the waste of all those c...