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  • The Commodore 64c

    I'm doing the unthinkable: I've bought a couple Commodore 64c computers to take apart for parts for experiments. In particular, I'm after the late-model SID chip for some Netduino projects. The early model chip was 12v and ran really hot. The late model MOS 8580 sounds a bit different, but was also more reliable and ran cooler at a lower voltage. I need a bunch of these, and they are get...

  • Using a 4x20 HD44780-controlled LCD Display with the Netduino

    Not too long ago, I got my hands on a Netduino (an Arduino-compatible board you program using the .NET Micro Framework and Visual Studio 2010), and did the obligatory BlinkenLight application. Afterwards, Scott way one-upped me and built an awesome morse code app. The stakes were getting higher, so I had to do something that seemed cooler than morse code. Hard to top, I know. I bet H...