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  • New Channel 9 Video: David Kelley on the Next Gen WPF and Silverlight Retail Experience

    At MIX10, I spoke with Wirestone Principal UX Architect David Kelley about a prototype retail experience he's built in WPF and Silverlight. The experience is based around the concept of small updatable product price tags (actually screens) that can both be updated in real-time and react to the presence of a person standing near them. Very cool stuff. I'm always interested in se...

  • Tip: Anonymous Event Handlers in VB.NET

    Back in 2009, I blogged about using Lambda expressions for async web service calls in C#, using an anonymous method. A comment on that blog tonight requested information on how to do that in VB.NET. It has been about a million years since I wrote VB.NET code, so, I went and learned how to do it. Unfortunately, it appears that the lambda support in VB doesn't allow VB subs. I have it wo...