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  • Creating Customized UserControls (Deriving from ContentControl) in WPF 4

    Another twitter question. As usual, I'm targeting WPF 4 here, but just about everything here works with Silverlight 4 as well. (read from bottom up) Let's say you want to create a standardized "gadget" for your application, from which anyone can derive and create their own gadgets. The desire: Provide a base gadget that has some sort of standardized chrome and some beha...

  • WPF Quick Tip: How to Restrict Window Size in WPF 4

    Another (paraphrased) question from twitter “How do I set the minimum and maximum sizes for my window in WPF”. The poster wanted to know how to constrain the size of their WPF window to a set minimum height/width and maximum height/width. I originally replied with a complex answer referring back to my WPF Resize Behavior, because I completely forgot about the simple supported approach: <Wi...