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WPF Quick Tip: How to Restrict Window Size in WPF 4

Pete Brown - 05 February 2010

Another (paraphrased) question from twitter “How do I set the minimum and maximum sizes for my window in WPF”. The poster wanted to know how to constrain the size of their WPF window to a set minimum height/width and maximum height/width.

I originally replied with a complex answer referring back to my WPF Resize Behavior, because I completely forgot about the simple supported approach:

<Window x:Class="WpfApplication21.MainWindow"

The above markup constrains the size of the window to the sizes indicated by using the MinHeight, MinWidth, MaxHeight and MaxWidth properties. You can also set these from code at runtime.

Use this sparingly. It is generally not a great practice to constrain the size of your application window, or at least not the max size.

posted by Pete Brown on Friday, February 5, 2010
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7 comments for “WPF Quick Tip: How to Restrict Window Size in WPF 4”

  1. Eric Hillsays:
    Hey, Pete,

    So you're making all these posts saying "do X in WPF 4" when your tips are not new to WPF 4; it's been that way all along. What with WPF 4 on the verge of coming out, it's a tad confusing. Why not say "How to restrict window size in WPF", and just put "WPF 4" on posts that are really something that's new in WPF 4?


  2. Josh Einsteinsays:
    A nice feature would be the ability to restrict the aspect ratio. That would make it a lot easier to use a ViewBox to support a scalable window. I'm guessing in WPF you'd have to resort to using HwndSource and handling the resize messages.
  3. saboorsays:
    on my winform I have set the max and min height and width,
    what i want is user can resize the window, and it is working fine.
    but i don't want user to resize between these resolutions,

    means if he maximize, window set to max resolution & when he minimize, window set to min resolution.
    so i set resizemode to noresize, by this user can move from max to min resolution but can't move back to min resolution.

    what would be the possible fix....
  4. Shaisays:
    You could simply set ResizeMode="NoResize" instead of having MaxHeight, and MaxWidth.

    ResizeMode has the following options
    1. CanMinimize
    2. CanResizeWithGrip
    4. NoResize

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