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  • ViewModel Pattern and Speech as UI. Help me Obi Wan, where’s the View?

    When working through the Speech Synthesis post last night, I kept getting a nagging feeling that the speech code I was putting in my ViewModel just didn’t really belong there. The speech was the UI, it was the thing the user actually interacted with, so it smelled wrong to have it in the ViewModel. It felt like I was putting textboxes and button-emitting code inside VM functions. That said, S...

  • Using Speech Synthesis in .NET 4 and Windows 7

    Computer voice synthesis has come a very long way since the old robotic voices like we heard on Wargames ("Shall we play a game?" in what sounded like slightly British overtones) and other voice synths of the time. From automated voice response to the little GPS receivers in our cars, we expect to hear pretty decent human-sounding words, with gender tones and even accents. Many of u...