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Some of the Shows I did at or around MIX – Hanselminutes, Continuum

Pete Brown - 27 March 2009

At and around MIX I managed to get into a couple shows to talk about my work in Silverlight 3.

Hanselminutes Podcast 155

Scott and I sat down in a side room at mix09 and talked about the Silverlight 3 C64 emulator for a bit. And yes, 1mhz is 1 million times a second :)

Scott Hanselman’s Weekly Source Code

Scott pulls out some of the interesting bits of code from the C64 emulator and blogs about them here.


Adam Kinney’s Continuum Show Interview

A short video interview showing both the C64 emulator I ported to Silverlight as well as the audio synthesizer I built from scratch using the new MediaStreamSource apis.

The audio didn’t come through very well on the synth (I added a volume control after I returned from mix09)

Read more about the synthesizer and related technology here.


My MIX09 Showoff Video

Not an interview, but this a down-scaled version of the video I submitted to the mix09 showoff event.

There’s also a smaller version available on Channel9. I received an honorable mention at the event.

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