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  • Using Silverlight Isolated Storage for Local State Backup

    A recurring problem that both Silverlight and Flash developers have to deal with is the volatility of the browser. One place where this can really hurt you is if, for example, you want to pop up a donation page or other straight browser content at the end of your application workflow (or anywhere in between). When you popup a window from Flash or Silverlight in IE7 (and in most popup blocke...

  • University "Giving Away" iPhones to Students

    This is something I just don't get. The iPhone is arguably one of the most expensive phones you can buy. Granted, it has a great user interface, but at $500-$600, it's pretty expensive for a locked phone. I personally find the phone (from my limited use) quite usable, very attractive, but by no means a revolutionary device in any way other than the user experience. Abilene Christian Univer...