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Upcoming Silverlight 2 Talks and Webcasts

Pete Brown - 22 February 2008

I hope you're as excited about Silverlight 2 as I am! If you haven't checked it out yet, Scott Guthrie just posted a great article and a huge multi-part tutorial for building a Silverlight 2 application to pull Digg results back via REST. He shows off tons of features, and you can infer even more from the screenshots.

I think it's great that Scott has been able to finally provide some real details on what we get with Silverlight 2. I know everyone has been really eager to see some substantive updates ever since the 1.1 alpha was released last spring.

For my own small contribution to Silverlight March madness, here are my upcoming talks and webcasts (all times are eastern):

  • March 19 2:00 PM - Silverlight for Business Applications - Webcast - (url coming)
  • March 19 6:30 PM - A Lap Around Silverlight 2 - BaltoMSDN
  • April 1 6:30 PM - A Lap Around Silverlight 2 - CMAP
  • April 22 - A Lap Around Silverlight 2 - CapArea.NET

(We also do a number of private presentations at qualified businesses around the DC metro area. Contact me for more details if you are interested.)

The business applications webcast will focus on where Silverlight fits in when developing line of business applications. I'll show some examples and have a real mix between developer-oriented in-the-weeds stuff, and more conceptual information useful for people interested in how to position the technology in their organizations.

The "Lap Around Silverlight 2" talk is an introduction to Silverlight 2. There's much much more in Silverlight 2 than can be covered in an hour and a half, but I'll fit in enough to keep everyone happy and excited.

After Beta 1 comes out, I'll be releasing a number of blog posts, some updates to my older standby Silverlight 1.1 sample applications, and something cool for my site :)

posted by Pete Brown on Friday, February 22, 2008
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6 comments for “Upcoming Silverlight 2 Talks and Webcasts”

  1. Ben Hayatsays:

    In your Business App Webcast, are you going to cover how an application with "Multiple" pages are created and how data is transfered between Them?

    In Scott's blog, he used "DataContext" object to link an object from the main page to UserDefined page. What throw me off, was the naming of "DataContext". Since that name is also used in LINQToSQL. I wonder if they are both the same?

    How about some light with your flash light? :-)
  2. Pete Brownsays:
    Hi Ben

    I haven't finalized the slide outline yet, so let me see what I can do to cover that.

    On Scott's stuff - I can't elaborate any more than what you can see on-screen. Give me a couple weeks and we can talk more freely :)

  3. Pete Brownsays:
    I don't know what a Silverlight-only browser would get Microsoft other than complaints, so I wouldn't expect to see that on the horizon. One of the big advantages of Silverlight is the ability to run in multiple browsers on multiple platforms, integrated with new or existing html sites/applications.

  4. Ray Akkansonsays:
    I understand that Silverlight works on any browser..

    But I also think that Silverlight Browser should be a seperate browser but target non-HTML apps.. it should provide ultimate capabilities where you can never do with traditional browser. This can allow silverlight browser market to grow until HTML usage is almost obsolete..therefore Google... They're going to have to adapt.

    Why buy yahoo? Change the concept.

    Ray Akkanson

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