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  • Amby

    This is a photo of the Amby next to our bed. (click for larger version) It is basically a free-swinging padded hammock. Among others, this is recommended by Dr. Sears. It keeps the baby near by, and helps eliminate things like the flat head you sometimes get from a crib. Also, since it is free-swinging, the cats want nothing to do with it :-) The heater vent under it will likely be cl...

  • Week 37

    Week 37 starts tomorrow (Wednesday). We're almost there. Just like everyone says, these last couple months have been just a lot of waiting. I don't know where that baby is scrunched up, but Melissa is half the size of a lot of pregnant women we've seen. I pity her poor smushed guts :-) She still gets around quite well, she just doesn't get up from a chair as fast as she used to :-) It's a good...

  • Flooring Home Stretch

    The living room flooring is almost complete. The most difficult and time consuming part was routing grooves in the ends of all the boards that touch the stair nosing. I originally tried various router bits. In the end, what worked out best was to take two passes on my table saw. I set the fence so the blade would dado 2/3 of the groove furthest from the fence face. I then flipped the board and ...