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Flooring Home Stretch

Pete Brown - 17 January 2006

The living room flooring is almost complete.

The most difficult and time consuming part was routing grooves in the ends of all the boards that touch the stair nosing. I originally tried various router bits. In the end, what worked out best was to take two passes on my table saw. I set the fence so the blade would dado 2/3 of the groove furthest from the fence face. I then flipped the board and ran it back through to complete the groove. I bought a cheapo $13 Black & Decker blade for the rest of the floor ripping and grooving as the old blade was so dull, I literally got only smoke when cutting the grooves. I don't mind dulling a $13 blade; I'll just chuck it when the flooring is done.

The boards do sit about 1/32" proud of the nosing. This is annoying because I know it is there, but no one else is likely to notice it, especially once the railing is in place. The grooves on the nosing and the thickness of that part of the nosing was not consistent with the regular flooring boards, so that made cutting exact matches a pain.

Overall, I'm pleased with the look of the flooring, as well as the ease by which it has gone down. The face nailing is a pain since I have to do it all manually, but the rest of the flooring goes down fairly quickly. Even the bowed boards straighten out well.

posted by Pete Brown on Tuesday, January 17, 2006
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