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  • Do not Feed the Animals

    Last week, one of the window installers gave my cat Mabel a chunk of sausage off the pizza they were eating. It happened before Melissa had a chance to come upstairs and see what Mabel was meowing about. (When a cat wants to sneak away, they do it very well)Turns out that upset her stomach - a lot.So after a couple days of puking and pooping all over the house (some of the puke had pepper flake...

  • Side Bow Window in Place

    The window and siding company came in today and installed the 6'8" bow window on the side of the living room.Before (click on the image for a larger version). The brace in the corner was in the way. That was needed because the "georgia board" that wraps this house has zero structural value. Since they had to cut into that, the siding part of their company is going to put a 4...