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Do not Feed the Animals

Pete Brown - 28 November 2005

Last week, one of the window installers gave my cat Mabel a chunk of sausage off the pizza they were eating. It happened before Melissa had a chance to come upstairs and see what Mabel was meowing about. (When a cat wants to sneak away, they do it very well)

Turns out that upset her stomach - a lot.

So after a couple days of puking and pooping all over the house (some of the puke had pepper flakes from the pizza still in it, a couple days later), and not eating, we were able to get her an appointment at the vet. They did a couple X-rays (no blockage, luckily), and found her bloated and with pancreatitis, confirmed by some blood tests. She got a couple shots (one of which was a sedative, as she is completely wild at the vet - one of the reasons we hate to make her go), and was sent home with some medicine (which she refuses to take unless you force her).

Net result, $450 in vet bills because of that bit of sausage. Ugh. Never feed someone else's pet.

posted by Pete Brown on Monday, November 28, 2005
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2 comments for “Do not Feed the Animals”

  1. Annasays:
    Hi I found you looking for home renovations. I feel for ya. My father once gave my sweet glutton of a dog (lhasa apso)a small piece of fat from his steak once and she developed pancreatitis also. Her poor tummy bloated up and she started foaming at the mouth at two in the morning. She had to be rushed to the emergency vet. I would have killed for your vet bill though. Those 24 hr. emergency vets don't come cheap.

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