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  • House Appraisal Results

    All the emergency priming and trim work paid off.The house appraised for over the amount I needed, and they only took off $1000 for the paint and trim. Had I left it as it was, we'd be looking at a failed appraisal, or at a minimum, a much larger hit. As it is, the house appraised for 85% more than I paid for it back in October 2001. That's a pretty good investment considering we didn&#...

  • Week 18 - Unecessary Roughness

    I guess now is the time we get to practice our sleep deprivation exercises. I don't recall reading that in the manual. Every morning, the baby (fetus/future person/avocado/whatever you want to call it right now) body checks/kicks/wiggles my wife awake between 4:30 or 5:00. That's probably not the most pleasant way to wake up, especially if the baby manages to boot her in the bladder. Th...