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Pete Brown writes on a variety of topics from XAML with the Windows Runtime (WinRT), .NET programming using C#, WPF, Microcontroller programming with .NET Microframework, .NET Gadgeteer, Windows on Devices, and even plain old C, to raising two children in the suburbs of Maryland, woodworking, CNC and generally "making physical stuff". Oh, and Pete loves retro technology, especially Commodore (C64 and C128). If the content interests you, please subscribe using the subscription link to the right of every page.

Archive for tag: PDC09

  • The MIX10 Trivia Application - Silverlight, WCF, ASP.NET

    Most Microsoft events have a few custom applications built for them. You never really hear much about them, and perhaps don't even think about them as custom apps, but there they are, in the keynote showing tweets, or before sessions (in this case) showing trivia questions. MIX has been my favorite conference since I first attended in 2006. Last year I had a blast and entered the show...

  • 10 Must-See PDC 09 Sessions

    Here are ten eleven sessions from PDC09 that I consider to be must-see sessions. There were tons of other great ones, so it was hard to pare it down to this group. Each video is offered in a few different formats, so it you run into any problems with one format, just click the links under the player to try one of the other formats. Top 10 11 1 CL09 How Microsoft ...

  • The Future of Client App Dev : WPF and Silverlight Convergence

    Silverlight has come an amazing distance since the initial 1.0 release and 1.1 alpha (controls? who needs controls?) just over two years ago. It’s hard to believe that we’re on Silverlight 4 in such a short time. It’s even harder to believe that each of those releases has been robust and packed full of new and useful features, driven by community feedback. With all the attention given to Silve...

  • Welcome Windows 7 – See you at PDC09

    I couldn’t have picked a more exciting time to join Microsoft. .NET 4 Beta 2 and the first version of Visual Studio to use WPF were both just released, MSDN has been relaunched with a better theme and content, and today, Windows 7 officially hit the stores. Windows 7 is, to me, the most exciting release of Windows since Windows 95. While I’m one of those folks who never ran into any real issu...