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  • How-to: Name Start Page groups in Windows 8

    By default, your Windows 8 Start Page appears as a base group of standard apps, plus a group of desktop apps (if you upgraded) or Office apps (if Surface with Windows RT). Most of us create a number of additional groups beyond those. Those groups are not named for you automatically. Did you know you could name those groups to make organization easier? Here's how. On the Start Page,...

  • Sometimes coding a solution is faster than finding one: Simple Webcam app in Silverlight 5

    I recently upgraded my main desktop PC to Windows 8. When I did that, the Microsoft LifeCam software stopped working. It was recognized as incompatible with Windows 8. For most people, this is not an issue, as it works perfectly fine with the built-in Windows 8 camera app. For me, however, I need a small camera app sitting on my desktop so I can see the hallway leading to my office. I...

  • Windows 8 on a multi-display desktop PC without a touch screen: the Logitech T650 touch pad

    I recently updated my primary workhorse PC (a 6 core desktop with two 30" displays) from Windows 7 to Windows 8. As part of that, I picked up a Logitech Touchpad T650. This post includes my observations. As a Windows 8 platform evangelist at Microsoft, I'm very familiar with Windows 8, especially in a developer context. So far, I've used it on touch and non-touch laptops (I have a Len...