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Slides and Code from my VSLive Silverlight 5, REST, WCF Web API, MVC talk

Pete Brown - 15 December 2011

This talk was an adaptation of two chapters from Silverlight 5 in Action. I started with a brief explanation of REST, and then explained the solution we were going to build during the session. The idea was to show how you can use REST in place of the heavier Soap approach in many cases, and make your services accessible to far more clients.

I also showed how to share model objects between various implementations of .NET, using linked files and conditional compilation.

Without watching the session or reading the chapters, the source and slides are only somewhat useful as you miss the interim steps. So, if you happen to be at an event where I deliver this again (I've submitted it to several upcoming 2012 events), great. If not…buy my Silverlight 5 book ;)


Everything else is attached to this blog post. The zip file is around 7mb.

Feel free to present this at your own internal or public events. I only ask that you not submit this as a session at VSLive, TechEd, DevConnections or other large events where I may be planning to present. When in doubt, ask.


Source Code and Related Media

Download /media/81432/pmb_sl5_wcfweb_mvc_vslive2011.zip
posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, December 15, 2011
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