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Our .NET Micro Framework and .NET Gadgeteer Talk at CMAP Code Camp 2011

Pete Brown - 18 November 2011

G. Andrew Duthie and I recently gave a fun and informal .NET Gadgeteer-focused talk at the CMAP Code Camp here in Maryland. Unlike most sessions we give, this one was actually recorded (by a couple people even) so there are some videos of the talk on YouTube. I've put them all together in a single playlist, or you can watch the inidividual parts:

Part 1

.NET Micro Framework Part 1

Part 2 where I don ye old Mad Scientist costume in prep for the demos :)

.NET Micro Framework Part 2

Part 3: Demos!

.NET Micro Framework Part 3

Part 4: More demos including the blinking LEDs and the Larson scanner

.NET Micro Framework Part 4

Part 5: Andrew makes some music

.NET Micro Framework Part 5

Part 6: Andrew and his helicopter

.NET Micro Framework Part 6

Part 7: Andrew works with Glide and email, and we wrap up

.NET Micro Framework Part 6

My Larson Scanner example can be found here: Initial Post, Update.

Andrew and I will be delivering a similar presentation (although he'll cover Kinect as well) at BaltoMSDN on November 30th. Join us!

In addition, Andrew, Dane and I just recorded a podcast on this topic and others. I'll post that link as soon as it's posted.

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6 comments for “Our .NET Micro Framework and .NET Gadgeteer Talk at CMAP Code Camp 2011”

  1. Petesays:

    That's a board I CNC drilled out of plywood.

    A smaller, but very useful board with the right spacing, is the Tamiya plate. Pololu sells them here:


    You could probably attach two of them togehter and end up with something the size of my board.

    Or, you could go to http://www.ponoko.com/ , design one, and have them make it for you. Gadgeteer module mounting holes are on 5mm spacing.


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