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Take 2 on milling the .NET Gadgeteer base board

Pete Brown - 10 November 2011

The nice thing about CNC, is you can let it run while you do other stuff. So today, I updated the original program and ran another batch of .NET Gadgeteer base boards. the quality was much better this time. I had a little hiccup (maybe some EMF) for two holes in the board but it recovered by itself after that and completed the rest. Oh, and the feed rate didn't take until after the first 6 holes or so (so those first 6 burned).

Because of the small work envelope of my Sherline, I had to do the board with two passes, with two different programs. The second program was identical to the first, except that I moved +5mm on Y after each row instead of -5mm. That enabled me to simply turn the board around, use the existing holes to position the board, and then start the second program.

Here are a few photos



And here's a video of the new boards being stack-milled. Note that the feed rate is MUCH higher this time, so the milling only took a few hours, with one visit by me halfway through.

I used 4/40 machine screws to peg the boards together so they wouldn't shift when I flipped it around. I also used those to help when I trimmed the boards on my table saw.

Once milling was complete, I evened the sides on my table saw and then sanded the whole thing with an orbital sander.

posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, November 10, 2011
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2 comments for “Take 2 on milling the .NET Gadgeteer base board”

  1. Scottsays:
    Glad I finally found this post. I've been looking for a 5mm offset gadgeteer board ever since I saw one on another one of your blog entries. I guess I'll have to build my own CNC machine to get one! At least I can stop looking online.

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