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  • Ultimate PC, 5 months in

    I've been running the Ultimate PC as my main PC for about 5 months now. I thought I'd post a few things The Good The SSD is amazing. While it seems slower now, I realize that is just my perception and not an actual slow-down. How? Just go use a machine with a regular hard drive and endure the wait. I'm very happy with this purchase and would not hesitate to do it again. The 980x...

  • Fritzing: A Great Free and Open Source Application for Diagramming Electronics Projects

    I just ran across Fritzing, a FOSS application for diagramming your electronics projects. There are tons of common symbols, plus extras like the Netduino. Here's a very quick Fritzing drawing of the circuit for the DAC test project.   Here's the automatically-generated schematic for the same circuit. It could use some work in layout, but not bad for something auto-gener...