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Fritzing: A Great Free and Open Source Application for Diagramming Electronics Projects

Pete Brown - 03 February 2011

I just ran across Fritzing, a FOSS application for diagramming your electronics projects. There are tons of common symbols, plus extras like the Netduino.

Here's a very quick Fritzing drawing of the circuit for the DAC test project.



Here's the automatically-generated schematic for the same circuit. It could use some work in layout, but not bad for something auto-generated.


I imagine you'll be seeing more from this application in my future Netduino and electronics posts.

posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, February 3, 2011
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1 comment for “Fritzing: A Great Free and Open Source Application for Diagramming Electronics Projects”

  1. electronics projectssays:
    Fritzing is an open source project intended to help one transition from a model to a completed project. Aimed at clients who need to prepare or report circuits and analyses, one begins by building a physical model, then reproducing it with Fritzing's graphical editorial manager. From that point one can create a schematic, PCB work of art, and PCB generation index

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