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  • 10 Interesting .NET Micro Framework Demos and Applications

    The .NET Micro Framework (.NET MF) is an open source (Apache licensed) version of the .NET Framework designed to work on microcontrollers. Since it is OSS, you can port it using the porting kit (link at the bottom) to any processor you want, if you have the know-how. Luckily, there exist a number of boards with the .NET MF already ported, with the addition of a number of features and ...

  • The TI Stellaris Evalbot Unboxing and Assembly

    Around the middle of last year, I ordered an evalbot from Texas Instruments. They were having an insane special on it at the time for people who had attended an event in Boston. I got in on that and got the eval kit for a great price. The kit is the "Stellaris Robotic Evaluation Board for use with Micrium´s µC/OS-III (EKB-UCOS3-EVM)" From the TI Site, the evaluation kit includes the f...