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  • My 2010 Posts

    Looking back, I wrote a ton of blog posts in 2010. Here are some of the posts, leaving out most of the announcements, quickies, event info, and the weekly roundup posts. Thoughts Should Developers also be UX Professionals and Graphics Designers? Getting a Job after Graduation Requires More than Just GPA and Resumes A Week in the Life of a Community PM at Microsoft ...

  • Windows Client Developer Roundup 053 for 1/6/2011

    This is Windows Client Developer Roundup #53, the first of the new year The Windows Client Developer Roundup aggregates information of interest to Windows Client Developers, including WPF, Silverlight, Visual C++, XNA, Expression Blend, Surface, Windows 7, Windows Forms, Windows Phone, Visual Studio, WCF RIA Services, sometimes even a little jQuery and HTML5. I also include fun non-...

  • Congratulations to the new and renewed Client App Dev MVPs!

    Congratulations to all the new and renewed Client App Dev MVPs, the first batch for 2011. We had a lot of nominations, and these are the people who rose to the top and were awarded MVP on Jan 1, 2011. Jonathan Antoine (France) Christopher S Bennage (US) Ray Booysen (UK) Michael D Brown (US) Ridi Ferdiana (Indonesia) Simon Ferquel (France) Jaimir Guerrero (Colombia) ...