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Congratulations to the new and renewed Client App Dev MVPs!

Pete Brown - 06 January 2011

Congratulations to all the new and renewed Client App Dev MVPs, the first batch for 2011. We had a lot of nominations, and these are the people who rose to the top and were awarded MVP on Jan 1, 2011.

  • Jonathan Antoine (France)
  • Christopher S Bennage (US)
  • Ray Booysen (UK)
  • Michael D Brown (US)
  • Ridi Ferdiana (Indonesia)
  • Simon Ferquel (France)
  • Jaimir Guerrero (Colombia)
  • Tim Huckaby (US)
  • Corey Miller (US)
  • Yee Jie Ng (Malaysia)
  • Diptimaya Patra (India)
  • Carey Payette (US)
  • Steve Porter (US)
  • Toni Recio i Sacristà (Spain)
  • Davide Gennaro Senatore (Italy)
  • Abhishek Sur (India)
  • Aykut Tasdelen (Turkey)
  • Yuya Yamaki (Japan)
  • Akiko Yamanouchi (Japan)

The Client App Dev MVP focuses primarily on WPF, but also includes elements of Windows Forms, Surface, Silverlight, C++, even XNA at times. These are people who are building, and showing us how to build, awesome applications on the Windows platform.


posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, January 6, 2011
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