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  • Silverlight 4 in Action Source Code

    I realized I never posted the location of the source code for Silverlight 4 in Action. You can download the source code directly from Manning. Just click on the download link on that page.

  • The Present and Future of WPF

    The last year has been busy for the developer division at Microsoft. We shipped Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 with WPF 4 as well as Silverlight 4, new versions of Expression Studio and WCF RIA Services. We recently shipped Windows Phone 7 and XNA Game Studio 4.0. We also put out betas of Visual Studio LightSwitch and WebMatrix. All of those products were either built using XAML-b...

  • Silverlight 4 in Action is doing Really well. Thanks!

    You folks are awesome. This book was a metric boatload of work (but the good kind of work, as opposed to like raking my yard), so it's really gratifying to see it doing so well. There are something like 8 million books on Amazon. To be in the top 2000 is pretty awesome. To be in the top 100 best selling computer books since pretty much Day 1 is also extremely cool. Thanks!