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  • Creating Dynamic Windows 7 Taskbar Overlay Icons

    This is adapted from my recent "Creating your First WPF Application" post. I felt the dynamic overlay was interesting enough to pull out into a separate post. WPF has good integration with the Windows 7 taskbar. One of the more interesting ways to integrate with the taskbar is to show an overlay icon. Most examples of this show how to overlay a static image or some visuals. I wanted ...

  • Creating your First WPF Application: Twitter and Windows 7 Taskbar Integration

    Back in February, I wrote a primer on getting started with WPF, using the Hello World example. Yesterday, as part of my work on the MSDN video series, I created a very different "getting started" example using Silverlight Out-of-Browser and a direct REST service call to search twitter. For the WPF video in that same series, I decided to parallel the work I did on the Silverlight side, an...