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Windows Client Developer Roundup for 5/3/2010

Pete Brown - 03 May 2010

This is Windows Client Developer roundup #22.

The Windows Client Developer Roundup aggregates information of interest to Windows Client Developers, including WPF, Surface, Windows 7, XNA, Windows Forms, Silverlight, Windows Phone and Visual Studio. If you have something interesting you've done or have run across, please send me the URL and brief description via the contact link on my blog.

WPF and Silverlight General



Visual Studio

Windows Phone 7



posted by Pete Brown on Monday, May 3, 2010
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1 comment for “Windows Client Developer Roundup for 5/3/2010”

  1. Oskar Austegardsays:
    Thanks for the link, Pete. One minor correction: That'd be 1000 - a thousand (or so) - covers, not 100... I did create a mosaic with a higher thumbnail resolution (300px height vs the current 90px), but the resultant mosaic was about 160 megapixels, and I didn't have the patience to wait for the Deep Zoom Composer to finish processing it (I know MS has a much faster command line tool - hdmake - but I "hate" command line tools, and this was for fun, so....) - of course, now that I think about it, what I should do is upload it to seadragon.com and let MS do the processing - will do that in a bit...

    I'd love to find a Mosaic tool that would let you create an image map (or the Deep Zoom equivalent) of the output, and have each cover link to the actual issue in the archive. THAT'd be sweet... Think you could whip one of those up in your spare time? ;-)

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