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Microsoft Surface: Announcing Online Design and Development Training

Pete Brown - 28 April 2010

I love the Surface. I want one in my home office. Alas, that isn't going to happen any time soon, but thanks to things like the Surface SDK for Touch for Windows 7, I can play with the cool surface controls all I want.

What, you don't know how to develop for Surface? Well, check this out: The Surface team just released a 9 module set of Surface videos showing you how to design and develop for Microsoft Surface. This is the first time this content is being made available outside the training room.


The modules cover all the key things you'll need to know about developing for surface using WPF and XNA. It begins with an introduction to the Microsoft Surface platform and its unique attributes - including its vision (camera) based massive multi-touch input, 360° multiuser interface, and physical object recognition.  The subsequent training modules include detailed videos, how-to information, reference materials, and step-by-step hands-on labs. Topics include the Surface SDK, WPF controls, user experience guidelines, the Surface shell, simulator, hardware and more.

These nine course modules include the topics discussed in classroom training, with the benefit of greater convenience.  In addition to being a great starting point for those new to Surface development, it is also a good refresher for those with more experience.  If you have completed either form of Surface training you can return to these online modules at any time to immediately review the information you require.

While you're on the site, be sure to check the downloads section for the SDK, sample applications, the Surface User Experience guidelines and more.

posted by Pete Brown on Wednesday, April 28, 2010
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9 comments for “Microsoft Surface: Announcing Online Design and Development Training”

  1. shaggygisays:
    Good link. I came across that last night. I like the fact that the Surface team is beginning to blog more about concepts, new toolkit, etc. I would really like to see an end-to-end demo using the new controls in toolkit. Show some examples of how to flip content ( similar toe SL plane projection ) to view more data, etc. And like most peeps.... would love to hear what's in the pipeline for next Surface hardware. Hopefully, one my company can afford and not so big:) Thanks for the info.
  2. Vijay Gaursays:
    H! there

    I have just seen your blog and came to know about the public release of surface technology for which i was awaiting for so long. I have browsed through the surface site where all those 9 modules with video are provided .i downloaded the videoes over there but videoes content is not readable at all. Video contetnts are mirror reflection of of text writtent or presened there. Please have a look through videoes you will get to see what i mean? How can i make noticed to microsoft people so that they can upload it with proper content now itz of now use to us. Can you please tell me what do i do? i am disappinted with it. i was so excited to learn Surface but the videoes are not showing proper content.

  3. Vijay Gaursays:
    This problem is occuring after i download the video by clicking on Accessible content icon. Online itz running fine but after you once download the video the text content doesnt show in video in proper format. Please check it and also please tell me how to communicate for the same problem to Microsoft so that they can reupload it or do the needfull. Please reply


    Vijay Gaur
  4. Petesays:
    Hi Vijay

    I'm running Windows 7 and all the videos seem fine to me both in Silverlight and in Media Player (accessible content). I see you're running Windows XP, perhaps you have a really old codec or something? Have you tried upgrading to a recent version of Windows Media Player?

    Is there a reason you're using the accessible version vs. watching in Silverlight?

    Also, when you say "download" I assume you're talking about the window that uses Windows Media Player. I saw no other way to actually download a WMV.

  5. Vijay Gaursays:
    H! Sir

    Thanks for your reply. Well when i click on "eye type looking icon" for accessible content i get a new window there i can see the video and can down them also in real player .rm format . Sir check the link below it got a video for lesson 1 in real player format there is download option comes when you mouse over it just like youtube video. and once you click it you can download the video in in .rm format. this is how i have downloaded but itz not showing proper text content. i want you to try the same as i did and see if i am right .


    Please check this

    Vijay Gaur
  6. Vijay Gaursays:
    online the videoes works fine. But after you once download it from the accessible content link and view it in the real player or even vlc player the text content of video is not in proper reading format. I am awaiting for some solution to this problem. Because online i cant seat and watch videoes continuously so i need to download them. I hope you check out this once and please tell me solution for it i would be happy and thankfull to you. I am loosing my patience for surface. I just love it.

    Vijay Gaur
  7. Petesays:

    Are you using some sort of Windows Media Player replacement? Regular Windows Media Player provides no option for downloading in real player content. We don't provide the content in RM format.

    Are you using VLC in the browser? Your second post mentions you have it. If so, the issue lies there, as it's doing the conversion.

  8. JohnCzsays:
    Hope you folks combine the power of Natal with Surface. Not only to compete with Sony's atracTable but also to make Natal standard to the average desktop/laptop user's experience.
  9. Vijay Gaursays:
    Well i have window media player, realy player and vlc player installed in my computer. I have windoxp with me. Well i dont know whether videoes are available for download or not but when i click the accessible content link i get a new browser opened with the video showing download video link as i mouse over on video just like we do on youtube video. And after clciking on it the video starts downloadin in real player format that it .rm format but the content is not clear. i want to ask you according to you these videoes are accessible online only? cant i download them? if not than why in my case itz able to download but contents are no proper. I think you can check this if you have real player installed may be thats why i am gettting that link in browser for download video just like youtube videoe where when you mouse over you get a download video link visible.

    Vijay Gaur

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