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  • New Channel 9 Video: Josh Blake on NaturalShow Multi-touch in WPF

    With Windows 7, WPF 4, Silverlight 4, and the road paved by our multi-touch handheld devices, Multi-touch is really hitting mainstream. While at MIX10, I spoke with Josh Blake about NaturalShow, his multi-touch not-PowerPoint presentation approach, written in WPF 4. Josh uses multi-touch to navigate through a really clever way of presenting material. I'd try and describe it, but i...

  • Rant: HDTV Has Ruined the LCD Display Market: Or, I want my pixels and DPI now!

    Ok, that's it. I've had it. I want my pixels, damn-it! For a while, screen resolution has been going up on our desktop displays. The trend was good, as I've always wanted the largest monitor with the highest DPI that I could afford. I mean, I used to have one of the first hulking 17" CRTs on my desk. I later upgraded to a 21" inch job that was so huge, that if you didn't stick it in ...

  • Awkward: The Other Microsoft Interview Story

    Now that my friend Frank La Vigne (@tableteer on twitter) is leaving AIS, I can tell the "Awkward Interview Story" I've had to keep secret. This story takes place just a day after my wife and I returned from the hospital from the delivery of our second child, Abby. But we need a little more back story first. History Over the holidays in 2007 and into January 2008, I was contacted ...