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New Channel 9 Video: Robert Kihm on Aptify RAD

Pete Brown - 29 March 2010

While at MIX10, I caught up with my friend Robert Kihm from Aptify. They have a great business application development platform that makes it easy to create apps that target different UIs and platforms without making code changes.

In addition to the robust Windows Forms client they've had for a number of versions now, Aptify is wrapping up their targeting of Silverlight for the new web client, and it looks good.

Built on SQL Server, Silverlight 4, WCF, WCF RIA Services, and Windows Forms, this is definitely something to check out.


If you're looking for examples of "real" business application work in Silverlight, here's a screenshot of the Silverlight application, running in-browser.



Video on channel 9.

posted by Pete Brown on Monday, March 29, 2010
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