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  • Getting the most speed out of Verizon FIOS

    Earlier this year, I upgraded my Verizon 15/5 business-class FIOS to 35/35. While I had awesome downstream results, my upstream always hovered around 6-10. I run my web server out of my house, and also do a lot of VPN work with Microsoft, so upstream is really important. I first called Verizon support, and got annoyed at the wait. I tweeted something, and a Verizon tech contacted me o...

  • Windows Client Developer Roundup for 3/22/2010

    This is Windows Client Developer roundup #17, the post-MIX10 edition. You can find my own MIX10 recap here. The Windows Client Developer Roundup aggregates information of interest to Windows Client Developers, including WPF, Surface, Windows 7, XNA, Windows Forms, Silverlight and Windows Phone. If you have something interesting you've done or have run across, please send me the UR...