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Articles and Lab Experiments vs. Blog Posts

Pete Brown - 10 March 2010

I've recently posted a few articles here on my site. You may wonder why articles and not blog posts?

One problem I ran into on my previous site was the dating of content that could be updated over time. You often run into this with regular blog sites as well. I strongly dislike going back and editing old blog posts, as the blog format wasn't really intended for that. Blog posts should be accurate on their publication date. I try and be specific in them about which version of what tool they target so folks know what they're looking at.

For those reasons, I've broken out two additional sections on my new site:

  • Articles
  • Lab

The articles section is for anything I expect to update over time. For example, the Essential WPF/Silverlight Tools List article. By taking it out of the dated stream, I can maintain it over time.

Similarly, the Lab section is for projects that I intend to either keep going or ensure stay visible long after I initially post them. For example, the C64 Emulator which I will be updating soon to bring it fully into Silverlight 4.

In both cases, when I publish something new in either section, or make a major update, I'll post a note in the blog to indicate that. That gets it out into the RSS feed.

I think this new structure provides a bit more flexibility than the old, and provides you with the knowledge that if something is in the Articles or Lab sections, it is likely still relevant to today's tools/technologies, and not some beta version 3 major revs back. If it isn't (like the old MUD source code), it'll be clearly noted as such.

Oh, and thankfully my new platform: umbraco, supports me doing all this. Awesome :) 

Thoughts? Better? Confusing?

posted by Pete Brown on Wednesday, March 10, 2010
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3 comments for “Articles and Lab Experiments vs. Blog Posts”

  1. Josh Einsteinsays:
    I like it. The nice thing about doing it that way is that it allows you to feature certain posts prominently instead of having people dig around for the most useful content. It's kinda like "sticky" on message boards before it became the norm to have a full page of sticky posts.

    And they seem to show up in RSS aggregators fine so there's no problem there.

    I may actually do the same on my site. In WordPress they're just called pages. But it's basically the same thing. It's funny though because now that I use Twitter (which I swore I'd never do) I don't post as many "bulls**t" blog entries anymore. So the volume is down but the quality is up (I hope) and I'd have to figure out what would qualify to be an article.
  2. Petesays:

    Thanks. It shows up in the feed because I manually put it in there. Either way, I make sure stuff my readers will be interested in makes it out through rss :)


    Very nice :)

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