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  • WPF: Now with Less Fuzz

    The WPF Text team has been really busy this release. Not only did we have the huge text improvements early on from the complete rewrite to a DirectWrite-based text stack, but now they've tweaked the WPF text rendering to be even better, especially on high-contrast light-on-dark scenarios. Can you tell the difference between the GDI VS2008 text rendering and the new WPF GDI-compat...

  • PsyMUD: a MUD for Linux

    When I went to my first college (more on why it was the first shortly), I used to play on a lot of MUDs. MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) were the thing for on-line gaming at the time. The only other real alternative were BBS-based games (usually turn-based) or forking over serious cash to play checkers on CompuServe. This was pre-commercial internet (1990/1991), so MUDs were full of computer...