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  • Dazzling Silverlight Toolkit Pie Charts with Overlays

    I'm not sure why I concentrate on Pie Charts. Maybe circles are just more attractive to me than bars or points :) For the January 2009 Expression Newsletter (which will be out in a week or two), I put together a rather deep article on styling pie charts in the Silverlight Toolkit. At the end, I mentioned to check here for info on overlays. One effect you can achieve with an overlay,...

  • Creating a Silverlight Control that Stays Square

    I had a dumb design problem today. I wanted an ellipse to be inside a grid, but centered vertically and horizontally, and with a 1:1 aspect ratio. I want a circle, centered in a cell. I could get it sized correctly, but the minute I set VerticalAlignment, it would disappear unless I set it to UniformToFill rather than Uniform. Checking it out, the size was undefined. No other panels/containers ...

  • I Hope this Goes Away Some Day

    I completely get why this happens, but installing just an IM client (I opted out of all the other apps the installer listed *) shouldn’t require me to shut down 3/4 of the programs running on my machine. I hope future versions of Windows come up with a better solution to this annoyance. It was different when installing apps was a single-tasking activity and installers threw up full-screen ugl...